What we have heard rumoured, or more than rumoured, is now pretty much official. The attitude of Georgia’s Western "friends" to the country has been laid bare by the announcement that the Republic of Georgia is fast becoming the testing ground for a wide range of new vaccines and questionable treatments.
Is there something intrinsically superior about the Georgian people, their European DNA, who would provide the testers with important scientific data?

>Russia sees the opening of a NATO training center as a continuation of the alliance's provocative policy, which aims to expand its geopolitical influence, according to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

MOSCOW  — Russia considers the opening of a NATO training center in Georgia to be a provocative move, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday. "We see

Another ethnic clash took place in the Kakheti region in Georgia. The cause of the conflict is quite common, but the two parties involved are Georgians and Kists, ethnic Chechens living in the notorious Pankisi Gorge. In terms of religion, they are Orthodox Christians and Muslims. Moreover, these Muslims profess not only traditional peaceful Islam,